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Nursing Homes Just Can't Kick You Out!

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The Wall Street Journal ran an interesting article on August 7 about America’s nursing homes wrongfully discharging residents. The article states that one in seven discharges from Washington, DC area nursing homes are improper.

Why are nursing homes wrongfully and illegally kicking out their residents? What else…money! You see most (approximately 70%) of nursing home residents are Medicaid beneficiaries and Medicaid sets the reimbursement rate for their stay. Medicare, which pays a higher rate, is usually only available for about 100 days of care in a nursing home. Nursing homes want the higher income provided by Medicare, long term care insurance, or private pay by the resident. They don’t want the low rates paid by Medicaid.

Under federal law a resident can be discharged only for the following reasons:

1. The resident is well enough to go home.

2. The facility can no longer provide the care needed by the resident.

3. The resident is endangering the health or safety of others.

4. The facility closes its doors.

5. The resident (or Medicaid, Medicare, etc.) fails to pay the bills.

Know your rights. Don’t let nursing homes kick out your loved ones just because they desire to make more money.